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🔪 Knife game

Documentation relating to the kd_fivefingerfillet.

1. Installation

kd_fivefingerfillet is a standalone script. So you don't need a specific framework to use it. It's also mean it works with all framework (VORP, RedEM:RP, QBCore, …).

  • Drag and drop the resource in your resources folder
    • kd_fivefingerfillet
  • Add this ensure in your server.cfg
    • ensure kd_fivefingerfillet
  • Congratulation, the Knife game, aka Five finger filler script is ready to be use !

2. Usage

Go near a table and enter the command /fff to start the game.
By default, all table are not available but you can add them in the config file.

3. Config.lua file

Config = {}

-- Turn it to true to display some marker
Config.debug = false
-- Command to start the five finger fillet
Config.commandName = "fff"

-- Duration of One round
Config.roundDuration = 20000 --ms

-- Model of the knife
Config.modelKnife = `w_melee_knife03`

-- List of keys
Config.keys = {
  start = "INPUT_JUMP",
  crossArm = "INPUT_FRONTEND_UP",

  -- List of keys available for the Quick Time Event

--Valid table models for five finger fillet
Config.modelsTable = {

--Valid chair models
Config.modelsChair = {

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