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Cash register Robbery

Documentation relating to the kd_robberyshop.

1. Installation

kd_robberyshop is a standalone script. So you don't need a specific framework to use it. It's also mean it works with all framework (VORP, RedEM:RP, QBCore, …).

  • Drag and drop the resource in your resources folder
    • kd_robberyshop
  • Add this ensure in your server.cfg
    • ensure kd_robberyshop
  • Congratulation, the Cash register Robbery script is ready to be use !

2. Usage

Go near a cash register (need to be setup in the config file) and press R to rob it.

3. Config.lua

Config = {}

Config.displayPrompt = true -- Display the prompt in right bottom of the screen
Config.CommandName = "StartRobbery" -- put false to disable the command

Config.shops = {
    name = "Charles De Coursey", --Name of the shop
    coords = vector3(2555.0,-1166.0,53.0), --coordinate of the shop
    distance = 2.0, --distance around the cash register to display the prompt
    minigame = true, --false to disable the lockpick minigame and use the shakeNumber
    shakeNumber = 1, --number of time player have to shake the picklock to open the cashregister (only if minigame = false)
    money = {500,1000}, --{min, max}
    cooldown = 10000 --ms
--Client Side
-- Function to display message client side
Config.displayTip = function(text,duration)


Config.canStartRobbery = function(source,shopID)
  --Fire when player start to rob the cash register
  --Examples :
  --Add your item check here
  --Add your sheriff alert here
  return true

--Function when the player fails the robbery minigame function(source, shopID)

--Function when the robbery is started
Config.startRobbery= function(source,shopID)
  --Fire when player start to rob the cash register

Config.giveMoney = function(source,money, shopID)
  --Fire when player open the cash register

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