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🦌 Hunting wagon Storage

Documentation relating to the kd_huntingwagon.

1. Installation

kd_huntingwagon is a standalone script. So you don't need a specific framework to use it. It's also mean it works with all framework (VORP, RedEM:RP, QBCore, …).

  • Drag and drop the resource in your resources folder
    • kd_huntingwagon
  • Add this ensure in your server.cfg
    • ensure kd_huntingwagon
  • Congratulation, the Hunting Wagon storage script is ready to be use !

2. Usage

Carry carcass and go at the back of the Hunting Wagon to store it.
Go back at the back to get out it when you are arrived where you want.

3. Config.lua file

Config = {}

-- Size of zone at the back of wagon where the prompt is display
Config.SizeDropzone = 2.0
-- Max carcass in wagon
Config.MaxCarcass = 5
-- Function to display tip message
Config.DisplayTip = function(text,duration)
  TriggerEvent('redem_roleplay:Tip', text, duration)


--@param wagonId is the networkID of the wagon
--@param carcass is an array of carcass datas
--carcass data structure :
  -- carcass[1] = {model, outfit, damageCleanliness, fulloLooted, pedDamage}
Config.updateWagonCarcass = function(wagonId, carcass)


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