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👔 Colorways

Documentation relating to the kd_clothingstore_colorways add-on for Clothing store script.

1. Installation


Clothing store script is required to use this add-on

To install kd_clothingstore_colorways:

  • Drag and drop the resource into your resources folder
    • kd_clothingstore_colorways
  • Add this ensure in your server.cfg after ensure kd_clothingstore
    • ensure kd_clothingstore_colorways

Congratulation, the Colorways add-on is ready to be used!

2. Usage

Go in clothing stores to customize the colorways of clothes.

3. Config.lua file

Config = {}

Config.keys = {
  colorways = 'INPUT_CREATOR_RS'

Config.palettes = {
	tint_generic_clean = true,
	tint_hair = true,
	tint_horse = true,
	tint_horse_leather = true,
	tint_leather = true,
	tint_makeup = true


Client canOpenColorPalette

Manage who can open the custom color menu

-- @param canAccess - boolean
exports.kd_clothingstore_colorways:RegisterFilter('canOpenColorPalette', function(canAccess)
  --return false to disable the access of the menu
	return canAccess

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