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Actions ​

Actions are one of the two types of Hooks. They provide a way for running a function at a specific point in the execution of scripts. Callback functions for an Action do not return anything back to the calling Action hook. They are the counterpart to Filters. Here is a refresher of the difference between actions and filters.

Adding an Action ​

The process of adding a action includes two steps.

First, you need to create a Callback function which will be called when the action is run. Second, you need to add your Callback function to a hook which will perform the calling of the function. The script determines the order that callback functions are run based on two things:

  • By manually setting the priority.
  • If two callback functions are registered for the same hook with the same priority, they will be run in the order that they were registered to the hook.

An action with a priority of 11 will run after an action with a priority of 10; and an action with a priority of 9 will run before an action with a priority of 10.

You will use the registerAction() function, passing at least two parameters:

  1. string $hook_name which is the name of the action you’re hooking to, and
  2. callable $callback the name of your callback function.
  3. (optional) int $priority the priority of the action (default value is 10)

The example below will run when the kd_stable:client:stableHorse action is executed in kd_stable script with priority = 10.

function action_stable_horse()
  -- Do something

The action_stable_horse will be executed each time when the player stable his horse.

You can refer to the script docs for a list of available hooks.

As you gain more experience, looking through Open Source code will allow you to find the most appropriate hook.

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