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Tow Truck with WINCH

Documentation relating to the kd_towtruck.

1. Installation

Tow Truck with WINCH is a standalone script. So you don't need a specific framework to use it. It's also mean it works with all framework (Esx, QBCore, VRP, DRP, …).

  • Drag and drop this 4 resources in your resources folder
    • kd_custom_native
    • kd_hud-event
    • kd_towtruck
  • Add this 4 ensures in your server.cfg
    • ensure kd_custom-native
    • ensure kd_hud-event
    • ensure kd_towtruck
  • Congratulation, the Tow Truck with WINCH script is ready to be use !

2. Usage

By default, the script is configured to work with a custom flatbed : flatbed3. Use your admin menu (or other scripts) to spawn it.

A help message with key will appears at the top left of your screen every time action is available. Please read them to know what keys are usable.

  1. Enter the truck to lower the bed. Wait the bed is fully down to get out of the truck.
  2. Go to the top of bed to take the winch.
  3. Go to the front of the car you want to tow to attach the winch.
  4. Go near the rear wheel of tow truck to roll up the winch
  5. If you need to detach the winch, go back to the front of car and take the winch. You can store it by go back to the top of bed.
  6. Once the car on the bed. You have the possibility to attach the car on it. Go near the rear wheel of the truck to have this option. It will automatically store the winch if you didn't do it before.
  7. Enter the truck to upper the bed.

3. Config.lua

Config = {}

-- Display helpfull information to setup a new truck
Config.Debug = false
-- Max length of the winch
Config.MaxLengthRope = 19.0
-- Can push the car with rope ? (unrealistic but useful to get off the vehicle of the bed)
Config.pushWithRope = true
-- Duration to synchronize the rope between players 
Config.ResyncRopeFrenquency = 10000 --ms
-- Keys
Config.DefaultKeys = {
  tow = "j",
  winch = "h",
  unwind = "g"
-- Model name of the hook object
Config.HookModel = 'prop_rope_hook_01'

-- List of truck available for this script (you can add more)
Config.ValidModel = {
  -- Copy this array to add vehicle.
  [`flatbed3`] =  {
    -- Set bedUp & bedDown to 0 if you don't need to move the bed to use the winch
    referenceBone = "bodyshell", --optional, by default: bodyshell
    --referenceBone <-> attachVehBone is the distance to define if the bed is up or down
    bedUp = 3.7, -- Distance between bodyshell bone and attachVehBone when the bed is up
    bedDown = 8.1, -- Distance between bodyshell bone and attachVehBone when the bed is down
    ropeBone = "misc_b", -- Bone where the rope is attached
    ropeOffset = vector3(0,0,0.3), -- offset from ropeBone to adjust the position of the rope
    ropeDistancetake =  1.5, -- Max distance to take the winch
    attachVehBone = "misc_a", -- Bone where the vehicle is attached
    attachLocationOffset = vector3(0.0,0.0,0.0), --optional: offset from the attachVehBone bone
    attachOffset = vector4(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0) -- for the vehicle location when attach (w value is the tilt)
   [`slamtruck`] =  {
    bedUp = 0,
    bedDown = 0,
    ropeBone = "bodyshell",
    ropeOffset = vector3(0.0,0.7,0.5),
    ropeDistancetake = 1.5,
    attachVehBone = "bodyshell",
    attachOffset = vector4(0,0.0,0.0,10.0)

4. Add new vehicle

All tow trucks with movable bed are compatible with the script.

To add it, just copy the flatbed3 array in the Config.ValidModel variable and change the modelname. Sometime, you will have to change the configuration of the vehicle to make it more usable.

Video tutorial

5. For developer

You can turn off the script for a specific player by using this client event

TriggerClientEvent('kd_towtruck:CanUse', source, false)

You can turn on the script again with the same client event

TriggerClientEvent('kd_towtruck:CanUse', source, true)

You can overwrite the notification function by added these functions in the overwriteConfig.lua file:

---@param texts table
---Warning : Execute every frame
  for _,text in pairs texts do

---@param text string the content of the notification
---@param color integer the color of the notification

6. Some Towtrucks configuration


Config.ValidModel[`cortowmfd4`] =  {
  bedUp = 1.901,
  bedDown = 6.0,
  ropeBone = "attach_male",
  ropeDistancetake =  1.5,
  attachVehBone = "misc_z",


Config.ValidModel[`lgc19flatbed`] =  {
  bedUp = 3.235,
  bedDown = 7.7,
  ropeBone = "misc_b",
  ropeDistancetake =  1.5,
  attachVehBone = "misc_a",


Config.ValidModel[`20ramrbc`] =  {
  bedUp = 4.449,
  bedDown = 6.87,
  ropeBone = "attach_male",
  ropeDistancetake =  1.5,
  attachVehBone = "misc_z",


Config.ValidModel[`c3navistar`] =  {
  bedUp = 4.603,
  bedDown = 9.8,
  ropeBone = "misc_a",
  ropeOffset = vector3(0.0,0.0,-0.2),
  ropeDistancetake =  1.5,
  attachVehBone = "misc_b",


Config.ValidModel[`BFGWBerg`] =  {
  bedUp = 2.31,
  bedDown = 6.45,
  ropeBone = "misc_b",
  ropeOffset = vector3(-0.20,0.00,0.0),
  ropeDistancetake =  1.3,
  attachVehBone = "misc_a",

Mercedes Atego


Config.ValidModel[`flatbed4`] =  {
  referenceBone = "misc_d",
  bedUp = 1.92,
  bedDown = 6.310,
  ropeBone = "misc_b",
  ropeOffset = vector3(0,-0.9,-0.1),
  ropeDistancetake =  1.5,
  attachVehBone = "misc_b",
  attachLocationOffset = vector3(0.0,-3.0,-1.0),

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